6 Mac Apps I Can’t Live Without


Free (There is a premium version)

I’m a little late to the Evernote bandwagon as first I didn’t see the real value.  It integrates with another App I use by the same company on a daily basis and is a way to easily store notes, create to-do lists, tasks, and basically whatever else you can think of.  For the business side of things, I maintain a lot of notes pertaining to clients using EverNote.


Free Is also by EverNote.  

It allows me to take screenshots of my computer and annotate them to my heart’s content.  It automatically syncs with EverNote which makes storing and keeping track of the ones I want to keep, a breeze.  I use this with clients on a regular basis because a visual is much easier to understand for most people.


$34 (and worth every penny)

I’ve used a lot of FTP clients in my day. Prior to a colleague telling me about Transmit, I was using FileZilla because it was free. You ever hear that saying, “You get what you pay for?”. Transmit is hands-down the best FTP (and so much more) client I’ve ever used. It supports: FTP, SFTP, S3 and more. I can transfer between two servers to avoid having to download huge files first and re-upload. It has tabs, favorites for remote locations and favorites for local locations. I can edit files from within Transmit (this is probably my favorite function).


$59 (and worth every penny)

Tower is a Git client.  I’m relatively new to Git and I found the official Git Mac App not user friendly.  I was introduced to Tower and began to love Git.  Probably too much.


Free + 18.66 USD for PowerPack

Alfred is a productivity app.  I’ve never used it without the PowerPack but I know I need the PowerPack in my life. Workflows, snippets, searching iTunes, opening files.  You name it, I use Alfred for it.


~$40 and the iPhone app is separate

Way too many websites and way too many passwords to remember them all.  So there’s this beauty which I use on my Mac and on my iPhone. Love.

Honorable Mention

I literally just found out that Spark has a Mac App now.  I’ve been using it on my iPhone and loved it.  Downloaded it today and am in love.  With a couple features added, it would be perfect.   The features I’m missing so far are the ability to schedule an email to send later and being able to add labels to GMAIL.        

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